Air Travel and Babywearing

Traveling and babywearing can make any vacation a little easier.
Ever wrangle a toddler or sleeping infant through airport security? Have a flight that falls during nap time? How do you haul suitcases, car seats, carry ons and kids through the airport?

Debbie and Laurel recently went on vacation and have a lot to share.

How did you decide what carriers to take? 
Laurel – I took 3 with me. Tula, a size 2 linen Erizo wrap and my mesh ring sling. The Tula is my go to for the airport and travel days, it’s also one that my husband will wear. It’s quick in and out for my toddler and I can go from front carry to back carry with ease.
We traveled to Palm Springs where the temperatures were around 38 – 42C. I borrowed a size 2 linen from the Lending Library because it’s short for quick carries and light for the heat. My mesh ring sling I brought because of the heat and pool at our resort.

Debbie – I also took 3 with me.  My standard Tula, a Linen Ring Sling and a Size 4 Kokoro.  Like Laurel, I used the Tula for the airport and the carrier my husband is most comfortable wearing.  It was also great for longer day trips out and about.  The ring sling was perfect for quick in/outs to the grocery store, shops and any other small errands we have.  It was also very hot in Phoenix, so the Kokoro did not get as much love outsite, but was perfect for snuggles around the vacation home while prepping meals.

Checking in, Security and Customs at the airport:
Both Laurel and Debbie left through the Calgary Airport to their destinations.

Laurel – We always check in with our stroller packed with our carry-on items and our toddler in a carrier. Very rare to see our son in the stroller at all at the airport. It’s our own personal cart for our carry-on bags and snacks.
I love using my Tula (or any soft structured carrier) because I can easily get my son in and out of it when I need to. There is no metal on the buckles so I can breeze through security. The security can see and use their wand over it and I don’t have to take him out. Having him in a carrier is less stressful for my husband and I not chasing him around.
On the flight (I flew Westjet) I keep him on my lap in the Tula. On take off and landing I unclip the chest strap and wear it like an apron so he’s not tied in. This was a requirement on all the flights I’ve taken for safety reasons. It makes it easy to do back up when he needs as nap or I need to take him for a diaper change.
I traveled back through the Palm Springs airport. Had the same experience through security. In fact I was told to keep him in the carrier if I wanted.

Debbie – I checked my stroller with my checked baggage.  I have a stroller bag that protects my Baby Jogger, and it made it easy and protected for travel!  Going through customs and security was AWESOME with the Tula.  It was Harrison’s nap time, and while we were waiting in line for customs he was able to snooze off and on.  Going through security was a breeze, and I was able to carry him through without taking him out.image2

On the plane (Westjet) I chose to take him out for the flight, only so he could lay on his breastfeeding pillow and be able to nap and nurse as he wanted to (especially for take off and landing).  We have a small sized nursing pillow that I keep in my car at all times (I like the comfort of having a pillow), and it is PERFECT for flights.  It fit perfectly in the seat.  I was allowed to have it on my lap at all times during the flight.  It made us both more comfortable and my arms didn’t get tired!

Finally – coming home was just as easy.  The officers in the Phoenix airport allowed me to keep him in the carrier at all times!

Traveling around: 

Laurel – I used my linen and mesh ring sling the most while in Palm Springs. To and from the pool in the mesh sling was great. With a deep pool I got keep him attached to me and know he was safe while I played with my nieces and nephews. I used the linen wrap for getting to and from dinner and while shopping.

IMG_20150924_181347 (Medium) IMG_20150927_163450 (Medium)

Debbie – I used my Ring Sling and Tula the most while in Phoenix.  Had my size 4 been linen (like my RS) I would have used it more!  I didn’t have a water ring sling like Laurel, we had mesh floaties with sun covers.  However, had I had one to borrow I DEFINITELY would have brought it!



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