Lending Library Meet ups

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting a Lending Library meet up. This is different than our regular monthly babywearing meetings because it allows our members to come, try some carriers we have in our library and play a little.
Andi hosted this wonderful event in her home and was joined by Laurel.
It warms the heart to help these mom’s learn to carry their babies in a carrier they may not have tried before, but don’t have to buy right away. The option to try a few different kinds all at once helps our members decide what they would like to buy and maybe borrow one for a couple weeks and see if it’s a right fit for them.
Watch for posts on each sponsor to our library in the next couple months. We wouldn’t have events like this without them.
Our next meeting is October 27th, 2015. Join the Babywearing Calgary Facebook group for more information!


Choosing a carrier to try


Learning to tandem wear twins

datadump 088 (Medium)

datadump 082 (Medium)

Getting instruction on a back carry

First time using a woven wrap

Trying out a Lenny Lamb SSC


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