Big Lending Library News!

Babywearing Calgary has some big news about our lending library.

We’ve been working hard over here to get our lending library more accessible, and more streamlined. We’ve also split our library to a North Calgary and South Calgary location! This should help make it accessible to more people to spread the babywearing love. Several carriers are available in both locations but others will be on rotation every few months.

We also have a new snazzy online tool for reserving carriers! You’ll need to create an account, pay your yearly membership fee, browse our inventory and reserve a carrier. Once we approve your request we can arrange a pick up day and time. All of our instructions are on the new tool home page but you can find them under Lending Library information on our webpage as well.

Our new online tool can be accessed here: Babywearing Calgary on MyTurn

We hope this makes communication and renting carriers easier for everyone.


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