12 Days of Christmas – Day 12 Stephanie Ell

Meet Stephanie EllIMG_0089


How did you get introduced to babywearing? IMG_0093
Basically out of necessity. I had a baby that loves to be held so I started baby wearing any way I could, then I started researching and trying out many carriers.
How long have you been babywearing?
19 months (as soon as my son was born)IMG_0084
IMG_0091How has it changed your life? 
It’s helped me to keep doing the things I did before having kids. Such as hiking, walking, cooking, going to the mall, the zoo, vacations.
Have you traveled and found babywearing helped?
Yes! We didn’t bring a stroller
on our last trip.IMG_0087
Has there been anyone in your life that has made babywearing click for you or been a big help?
The Babywearing Calgary page in general has been such a great resource.
What is one piece of advice you would offer about babywearing?
Keep at it and try different carriers!
What is your favourite carrier? IMG_0096

Tula SSC

What is your favourite carry?

SSC back carry

If you could have any wrap/carrier (your ultimate DISO) what would it be?

Tula Fluff Isle SSC wrap conversion and ring sling



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