12 Days of Christmas – Day 11 Melissa Goudie

Meet Melissa Goudie

How did you get introduced to babywearing? 
I was given a snuggly with my first baby, it seemed so complicated at the time I returned it to Toys R Us and got a Baby Bjorn!  It was quick and simple and my very fusy baby loved it!  And so my babywearing journey began!
How long have you been babywearing?
A little more than 5 years
407484_10151116988625472_2053253696_nHow has it changed your life?
It has made virtually every aspect of our lives easier as our family of 3 grew to 6.  We could still get and enjoy doing the things we love, as well as the simple everyday things that sometime seem impossible with a fussy baby that does not want down.  Or when your chasing after 1 or 2 or 3 other children!
Have you traveled and found babywearing helped?11165196_10155686751735472_3221064379943717670_o

Babywearing while travelling has certainly helped our family and especially when traveling alone with 1 or 2 kids.  It can be like having an extra set of hands!  Which is needed when your in an airport going through security with a baby and a toddler solo!  It makes theme parks, beaches, malls, family events, hikes, etc. all the more enjoyable when baby is happy and secure or the sleepy toddler needs a break.  However, don’t get me wrong, I still use my stroller for all of our “stuff”.  Where would all our jackets, beach stuff, snacks, supplies and shopping bags be?!?!?
12348171_10156336412655472_9149795513755203263_nHas there been anyone in your life that has made babywearing click for you or been a big help?
I have always been supported by friends and family, however it was something that just seemed necessary to me!!!!  There was nobody specifically but seeing other families babywearing and what it allowed them do was always motivation for me!
What is one piece of advice you would offer about babywearing?

As long as you and baby are comfortable and happy nothing else matters (as long as baby is safe of course)!  It’s the act that matters, not the carrier you have.  I wore a Bjorn with my first and loved it until I was too preggo with baby #2 to be able to wear him anymore.  It was when my 2nd baby got so big so fast and we were not longer comfortable (even though he was only a few months old) that I started looking for something more supportive and that is when I found Babes In Arms…. the rest is history!!!

What is your favourite carrier?
This is a tough question!  I have been on a TRY ALL THE CARRIERS spree this past year as we decided to have our 4 (and final) baby who is now almost 6 months old.  However, my go to before that for almost 3 years was my Boba!   However, my Kinderpack and Tula Migaloo Ring Sling are close seconds!  However, I have my first even handwoven on the loom….  it will probably be my favorite to look at!!!
10624038_10154829662030472_4977008457755029805_oWhat is your favourite carry?
I am a SCC gal at heart!!  So I guess I would have to say front carries!?!!?  LOL  I just love being able to kiss their little heads while they are all snuggled into me and when they are old enough there is nothing sweeter than when they reach up with their little hand and touch your face and give you kisses!
If you could have any wrap/carrier (your ultimate DISO) what would it be?
A toddler or infant Kinderpack.  I don’t really NEED either right now I just want them!  I’ve been swooning over Yes, Deer!  LOL



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