12 Days of Christmas – Day 10 Ashley Saskiw

Meet Ashley SaskiwAshley6

How did you get introduced to babywearing?Ashley5

I picked up a K’tan stretchy wrap at a yard sale when I was pregnant.  It worked for a couple of weeks, but my chubby baby outgrew it quic
kly.  It was my friend Jennifer that really got me into babywearing when she gave me a Babyhawk mei tei as a shower gift. She has also helped me along the way when I was searching for a ssc that fit me well.

How long have you been babywearing?

For 16 months, since my son was born.

How has it changed your life?Ashley3

Babywearing started off as a tool for convenience but now it has really developed into a journey of growing together and strengthening our bond. My son likes to be held a lot, especially when I’m getting dinner ready.  It is almost impossible to do without babywearing.  I am able be hands free to prepare meals, do the laundry, exercise, hike or visit the zoo. The fact that it just so happens to be healthy and beneficial for my son while nurturing and connecting with him is quite the added bonus!

Have you traveled and found babywearing helped?Ashley4

I find traveling is one of the best times to babywear. The environment and schedule are different, so my son finds comfort in a familiar place, right next to mom or dad. We’ve been to Belize and BC, and most recently we went stroller free in Ontario without looking back.

Has there been anyone in your life that has made babywearing click for you or been a big help?

Babywearing began to click for me when I joined the Babywearing Calgary group.  I’ve learned so much from so many members, online, at meetings, and also from the moms that have sold me their previously loved carriers and wraps.

What is one piece of advice you would offer about babywearing?

Try everything! I struggled to find a ssc that fit my short-torso, but I did not want to give up until I found something comfortable.  After borrowing about 6 different carriers from friends and at meetings, I found the perfect fit!Ashley2

 What is your favourite carrier?

It’s so hard to choose, as we all know each carrier serves a different purpose! I love my Oscha wrap for around the house and on a walk, and my Didymos WCMT for when out and about running errands. My favourite ssc is the Chimparoo Trek.

What is your favourite carry?Ashley1

Double Hammock with a salt water finish. The torso pass and the crossing of the straps make it so comfortable, but it also looks awesome.

If you could have any wrap/carrier (your ultimate DISO) what would it be?

A WCMT (from Little Green Wolf) with a handwoven wrap from Waxwing or West of the Forth with lots of turquoise and ocean colours.


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