12 Days of Christmas Day 5 – Amanda Scott

Meet Amanda Scott

12274307_1654339334841761_4968249561384331680_nHow did you get introduced to babywearing?

I originally bought a Baby Bjorn with my oldest child but it was so incredibly uncomfortable that I couldn’t understand why people would bother wearing their babies. It wasn’t until my second child was 16 months and I dreaded taking the stroller on public transit that I looked into other options to keep her safe. I bought myself an Ergo as it was the name I’d heard in mommy groups online. Buying that Ergo was the best thing I could have possibly done as I eventually became pregnant with my third baby and started looking into other babywearing options to help ease the transition from 2 to 3 children.

How long have you been babywearing?

With my Ergo, I’ve been babywearing for 2 years. Really though, I’ve been heavily reliant on babywearing for six months now, since my last baby was born.

How has it changed your life?11988271_1647690248840003_6021174879343331650_n

Babywearing has changed the way I parent. It has made my life so much easier. Thanks to babywearing, I can now nurse and comfort my baby hands free, while still caring for my older two children. I can access places that strollers can’t go while we’re out and I can nurse my baby on the go. Babywearing has allowed me to be fully involved in everything I do, all the while snuggling my baby as she needs. Beyond the every day changes, I credit babywearing with helping me avoid post partum depression (PPD) this time around. I also credit babywearing with helping me to successfully breastfeed for the first time. Babywearing has helped me in so many ways. I really do feel that babywearing has made me a better mom.

Have you traveled and found babywearing helped?

Babywearing while travelling has made traveling a breeze. No heavy stroller to cart from gate to gate, no taking elevators because of a stroller, no chasing down running toddlers while maneuvering a stroller through crowds. Babywearing has allowed me to keep my kids close while travelling, thus allowing us a safer, smoother experience.

Has there been anyone in your life that has made babywearing click for you or been a big help?

My husband has been my biggest supporter with regards to babywearing. He has encouraged me to try new things and has even bragged to others about how babywearing has made our lives so much better. Happy babies make for happy parents, and I am thankful that my husband sees this.12033050_1634878803454481_9076172423195441440_n

What is one piece of advice you would offer about babywearing?12289462_1654087878200240_3070366886537953366_n

The best advice I can give regarding babywearing is to find a local lending library and try out different carriers or wraps. Everyone has different preferences and what works for one mom may not work for another. Keep trying until you find the right carrier or wrap for you. It’s worth finding.


What is your favourite carrier?12301622_1654002951542066_2859433425971654294_n

My favourite carrier happens to be my handwoven wrap – Regeneration by A Love So Rare. This wrap has very special meaning to me and is the most comfortable wrap I own. The weaver, based out of Edmonton, designed this wrap based on my dream inspiration. In weaving this wrap, she asked
me about what I loved most in my wraps and she recreated what I described perfectly. This wrap is everything I could want in a wrap and it is a dream to snuggle my baby in.

IMG_20150910_145030What is your favourite carry?

My favourite carry is a simple Front Wrap Cross Carry. While I adore back carries for the freedom is gives me, nothingquite compares to a content, sleeping baby snuggled up against my chest.



If you could have any wrap/carrier (your ultimate DISO) what would it be?

I’m lucky in that I think I have my ultimate dream wrap in Regeneration. If I could though, I’d love to own at least one wrap from all Canadian weavers. We have amazing talent in this country and I’d love to try them all. IMG_20151213_154443


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