A Personal Story

We love sharing the stories of our members, and finding out how they got in to babywearing. Everyone has a unique story to tell, but there is usually a common thread. The commonality is that is somehow improved their quality of life. Babywearing does not need to be expensive, you do not need to have XYZ carrier. All you need to have, is a desire to keep your baby close to you, whether it be because of the health benefits with a preemie or newborn, or simply so you can have hands free.

Here is a blog post that one of our co-leaders shared recently on her personal blog about her babywearing journey and where she is now. Have a look, and if you would like to have your story featured on the Babywearing Calgary blog, please pop us a message at babywearingcalgary@gmail.com

I Can Wear Your Baby by Andi Johnson


I don’t wear my babies anymore. I often miss it, although I cherish the memories I have with my little ones tied on to me. I wore my youngest until I physically could not wear her any longer, and even now at age seven, she would want to go in my Amauti if I let her. I run a dayhome for my day job, and I am blessed with the sweetest little toddler that loves to be worn. Yesssss…I can still wear babies. And any of my friends that come over will no doubt hear me say at least once, “I can wear your baby”. I love it, okay?

I am pretty passionate about babywearing for numerous reasons. With my third baby, I was determined to figure out this whole “calm baby” thing…read more


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