Strike a Pose

Hellloooo Calgary!!

As we announced in our last blog post, Babywearing Calgary is now on Instagram!  The nature of Instagram is photo sharing… which brings us to this post.  We would love to showcase the members of Babywearing Calgary (and global babywearing community really) on our feed, so if you have some babywearing pictures you’d like to share, please e-mail them in to  Of course we will give due credit as well….

Or if you have an Instagram account, just tag us @babywearingcalgary on your picture and let us know we can use it!  We will then repost it and tag you in the repost.

We also need pictures for this blog!  Specifically we are looking for winter babywearing pics at this point, but we can use any babywearing pictures really.

Thanks so much, and Happy Babywearing!


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